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Floorball Clubs
Registered Floorball Clubs
Club Name
U.P. Quick Silver Floorball Club
Club Name
Lucknow Floorball Club
c/o prashant Medical Store, Opp. Shadab colony, Picnic spot Road, Indraprasth Nagar, Khurram Nagar, Lucknow
529k/235B, Pant Nagar, Khurram Nagar, Lucknow
Mr. Sandip Kumar Verma
Ms. Khushboo Nigam
Club Name
Club Name
Neval Kishor Floorball Club
169/155, Khayali Ganj, Kaiserbagh, Lucknow-226018
Mr. Vishal Sonker
The Floorball Club
-- The Benefits of Membership --
The Memberships
The Floorball Club (FC) comprises Registrants including Players.
The Floorball Clubs (FC) must be affiliated with District Floorball Association (DFA), the DFA must be affiliated with State Floorball Association (SFA) and the SFA must be affiliated with Floorball Federation of India (FFI). The FC must be registered from FFI.
To Form & Register “Floorball Clubs”
Sample of Certificate, which will be issued to the Floorball Club by the FFI.
The FFI has designed a registration system of player, the player registration form will come through the Floorball Clubs (FC), the player will get registration form from Floorball Club, which will further submit to the FC, and FC will submit it to the FFI office, Lucknow. All registered players are authorized to play all FFI recognize games at any level, such as International, National, Zonal State and District levels.
Sample of Player ID Card, which will be issued to the Floorball Club by the FFI.
Note : once the player registered with any Floorball Clubs, they can’t play with other Floorball Clubs, if they want to play with other Floorball Clubs, they have to take legal transfer.
To get register as a Floorball Club, there is a prescribe form, which can download at or send a e-mail letter to FFI at
* Application Form for Floorball Club Formation, please click
* Regitration Form for Club Player, please click
To provide the opportunity for any person to play organized floorball and to assist participants in reaching their potential through the provision of programs for developing players and administrators.
1. To promote participation and develop the game of Floorball in Country
2. To develop, train and support floorball Players.
3. To advocate for the game of floorball in the country for the benefit of the Membership
4. To promote lifelong floorball participation as a healthy lifestyle
Registered Player Benefits
The FFI offers floorball Players programs, services, opportunities and benefits in the form of
1. Participation in risk-managed Organized floorball
2. Online registration *
3. Player Registration ID Card (FFI will issue ID card to the Players)
4. Player development – District All-Star program
5. Player development – Regional All-Star program
6. Player development – Provincial All-Star program
7. Opportunities to play in National All-Star Championships
8. Opportunities to play Exhibition Games & Tournaments outside the country.
9. Opportunities to train/play at All International Academy & International Floorball Clubs in all over the world.
10. Floorball camps
11. Preferred fees *
12. Via Rail passes *
13. Equipment discount program – Exel (Universal Marketing, Lucknow).
14. Play Floorball Magazine *
15. Player Mentor program *
16. Play Floorball Help Desk *
17. Floorball development Fund *
Group Member Benefits
Floorball Club Benefits
The FFI offers floorball Clubs programs, services, opportunities and benefits in the form of
1. Membership in risk-managed Organized Floorball
2. Community recruitment program * (Play Floorball)
3. Training volunteers
4. Training administrators
5. Training coaches – grass roots
6. Training referees – grass roots
7. Model organizational tools *
8. Club Head Coach Program
9. Club Head Referee Program
10. Community recruitment program * (Play Floorball)
11. Volunteer Screening Program
12. Strategic development involvement
13. Governance tools
14. Model Constitutions
15. Model Meeting Rules
16. On-line Player Registration
17. On-line conference services *
18. Facility development resources
19. Facility development consultation
20. Club Development seminars *
21. Club Administrator Mentor program *
22. On-line Application Forms
23. On-line Tournament Listings
25. Via Rail passes *
26. Equipment discount program – Exel (Universal Marketing, Lucknow).
27. Play Floorball Magazine *
28. Play Floorball Help Desk *
29. Club information on FFI Web page
30. Online registration *
31. Floorball Club Certificate
32. Floorball development Fund *
State & District Floorball Association Benefits
The FFI offers State & District Floorball Associations programs, services, opportunities and benefits in the form of
1. Membership in risk-managed Organized Floorball
2. Training volunteers
3. Training administrators
4. Model organizational tools *
5. Strategic development involvement
6. Governance tools
7. Membership Revenue Sharing system *
8. State & District Human Resources Manual *
9. On-line conference services *
10. Facility development resources
11. Facility development consultation
12. State & District Administrator Mentor program *
13. On-line Application Approvals
14. Annual Visits to State & Districts
15. Play Floorball Help Desk *
16. Online registration *
17. Legal advice
1.The application must be proposed by District/State/Zonal Floorball Association as above.
2.The-application form should be accompanied by a demand draft or cash towards admission & Annual fee.
Wherever applicable .The fee as applicable on the date of admission should be paid
For District Floorball Club:
1. Admission Fee : Rs. 500/-
2. Annual Fee : Rs. 200/-
3. FFI Player Registration/(License) Annual Fee : Rs. 100/-
For State Floorball Club:
1. Admission Fee : Rs. 15000/-
2. Annual Fee : Rs. 5000/-
3. FFI Player Registration/(License) Annual Fee : Rs. 200/-
For Zonal Floorball Club:
1. Admission Fee : Rs. 50000/-
2. Annual Fee : Rs. 10000/-
3. FFI Player Registration/(License) Annual Fee : Rs. 200/-
For National/International Floorball Club:
1. Admission Fee : Rs. 125000/-
2. Annual Fee : Rs. 25000/-
3. FFI Player Registration/(License) Annual Fee : Rs. 200/-
For Transfer Fee
1. District : Rs. 200/-
2. State : Rs. 500/-
3. Zonal : Rs. 1500/-
4. National : Rs. 2000/-
5. International : CHF 200/-
NOTE: (The Founder-FFI has full right to offer & accept discount towards Admission & Annual Fee on special request addressed to the Founder-FFI by the applicant)
No applicant whose application for membership is rejected can make a fresh application with in six months from the date of such rejection.
Canvassing in any from for Membership of the Floorball Club will entail immediate rejection of the application.
Please note that the current entrance & annual fee is as indicated above but the entrance & annual fee as applicable at the time of being admitted is payable.
Please note that Admission fee, Annual fee, Player Registration/Annual fee & Transfer fee will be acceptable cash or by way of demand draft in favour of “Floorball Federation of India” payable at Lucknow only. Club Registration Form Can be obtain from FFI HQ, Lucknow for Rs. 200/- or you can download from website and include 200/- into demand draft of admission & annual free.
The applicant shall appear from an interview before the office bearers of District/State/Zonal/National Floorball Association/Federation before e admission.
The Federation has the right to accept or reject the application without assigning reason thereof.
Use additional sheets wherever necessary.
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To Get International Discount Cards, Click Here!

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