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Great sports enthusiastic, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI registered FFI already in 2001 under the agies of the International Floorball Federation-IFF ( The beginning wasn't so easy. There were no equipments and no supporters. Little by little he started to buid up the network of state level associations to be ready when ever the sport is ready to take off. Floorball enthusiast, Mr. Jarkko Harkonen (Finland) arrived in India in November, 2002 to work as an intern for The Times of India -newspaper. The very first contact between Prof. Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI and Mr. Harkonen took place in Mumbai, March 2003. They met because of mutual interest towards introducing floorball in India. With help of Mr. Harkonen's Finnish contacts they managed to import around 30 sticks and 10 balls in India. FFI is forever grateful to the following persons/organizations: Janne Aho  (Coach for Finnish Floorball Club, TPS Floorball), Floorball Club TPS (Turku, Finland), Exel Ltd. (Finnish Floorball Equipment Manufacturer).


When the parcel of equipments finally arrived in India from Finland, the city of Yavatmal (Maharashtra), the Maharashtra Floorball Association has got the honour of being the first city where 1st National Floorball Championship (men & women) was ever played in India. The venue was Dr. Nandurkar's College Sports Hall, Yavatmal, Maharashtra. The first hectic 5 days National Training Camp in India collected over 200 interested players/official around India. The longest trip was done by Girls & Boys Team from Manipur, 6 days! The Men Uttar Team Pradesh became National Championship and Women Team of Delhi became National championship.

After the camp there was The First National Tournament of Floorball of India. It took three days to find out the champion of women and men's category. The first champions were Team Delhi (Women) and Uttar Pradesh (Men). The next training camp was held in Lucknow, in City Montessori School-CMS (in picture). The camp got a group of children while players in Yavatmal were mostly seniors. The children were full of joy and excitement after the first 10 minutes of play. Floorball won the hearts of all the participants and after every practising session it was hard to give the promotion stick back for waiting the next morning. Around 50 children came every morning at 6 am to start their school day little bit differently than before. Because of limited possibilities of using the facilities of CMS the camp lasted only 6 am to 8 am. Both camps were coached by Mr. Harkonen (Coach-Finlamd) who is also the Vice Chairman of Technical Committee of FFI.


It was time to travel back to Finland for Mr. Harkonen, but he promised to come back. After long negotiations between Exel Ltd. sport unit, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI and Mr. Harkonen, the agreement was ready: Mr. Harkonen will be sponsored to promote floorball in various training camps around India. He arrived in India in June, 2004. After the second camp in Lucknow, City Montessori School-CMS, the results are: CMS adapted the game to be one of the school sports, first local league in India (Avandh Floorball League) will start in August 2004, players are registered in FFI and they are insured againts floorball injuries, Uttar Pradesh has accepted floorball to the list of officially regognized sports.

After successfully completion of five years of the Floorball Federation of India - FFI ( under the affiliation of International Floorball Federation - IFF, the FFI's Founder & National President Prof. Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI, the FFI has got tremendous reputation and the FFI has already been continuesly organising national seminars, states seminars, and participation into International Seminars, Singapore , and participation into Asia Pacific Floorball Championship-2005, Singapore, where India Men Team has experienced with International Floorball Skills and floorball techniques, there was a any chances to played world top floorball teams.

Meraj Distributors (Lucknow) is importing the first shipment of floorball equipment for the markets of India. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI is projecting floorball to be the second in popularity in India after 5 years. The 1st Asian Pacific Continental Championships in 2005 is a major step for the Asian Pacific Floorball Confideration (APAC), but in terms of registered members. we can expect around 2 lacs (200,000) players in India in next 5 years, which is a major step for the whole sport internationally. Written by FFI, July 2004
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